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Capturing Friendship

Alexis Buatti-Ramos

The first Sunday of August is International Friendship Day! Of course, this is a holiday initially created by the greeting card industry, but with social media this holiday is now celebrated more than ever. Buatti-Ramos Photography is extending this one day of celebrating friendship throughout the entire month of August. Each Sunday we will post an interview and mini-session celebrating childhood friendships.

This week, we celebrate Jacob & Amalia's friendship. Before we started the interview, Jacob's mother, Lauren, noted that this was going to be their engagement shoot because they had just announced that they were going to get married and own a tow truck farm and have matching tow trucks!

LOCATION: Bryant Park, NYC
JACOB: age 5 / AMALIA: age 5

The Interview:

ALEXIS: How long have you two been friends?
JACOB: We don't remember.

(Directed towards Jacob's mom, Lauren)
AMALIA: We have been friends since we were babies right? 

LAUREN: You guys were friends because your mommy and I met in pre-natal yoga and you guys had the same due date. You guys knew each other before you were even born, and you met right after so that's why you don't remember, it was a long time ago.

(Thank you Lauren for sharing that great story of how they met!)


ALEXIS: Jacob, what is your favorite thing about Amalia?
JACOB: We love to play outside at summer school when Amalia's sister is sleeping.
ALEXIS: Amalia, what is your favorite thing about Jacob?
AMALIA: That I play with him a lot.

(Sometimes our interview was re-directed in the best way possible. See below...)

JACOB: You know what's funny? I have something to tell you about myself.
ALEXIS: OK, what do you have to tell me about yourself?
JACOB: Grownups and me like to play legos together like my mom and dad.
ALEXIS: Do you and Amalia play Legos together?
ALEXIS: At Camp?
JACOB: Outside
AMALIA: In the rain we take all the Legos inside so they don't get wet.


(and back to the interview...)

ALEXIS: When you two play together, what kind of games do you play?
JACOB: We play a lot of games. We mostly go to the parks in the morning. Carousel!

(We got a bit distracted here looking at & talking about the Bryant Park carousel, which they got to go on!)

ALEXIS: What's one of the funniest memories you remember when you two were together?
JACOB: Sometimes we bump into each other and our wheels bump into each other on our scooters.
ALEXIS: Amalia, do you have any other funny memories?
AMALIA: (while giggling) No, I have the same.

Ok, I LOVE this photo... I captured so many of them giggling and smiling and the fact that they both had such serious faces during this one makes me smile. 

Ok, I LOVE this photo... I captured so many of them giggling and smiling and the fact that they both had such serious faces during this one makes me smile. 

I don't know about you but these two have got to be the cutest couple (I mean friends) that I have ever met. Thank you to Jacob, Amalia and Lauren for spending some time with me and letting me capture such a cute friendship! 


Leave a comment below for your chance to win a Capturing Friendship mini session for two young friends. The session will be featured on the blog on August 31st. Check back on Friday, August 8 to see who won!

Welcome & Thank you!

Alexis Buatti-Ramos

First off, welcome to the re-designed Buatti-Ramos Photography website! We are very happy to be back in Long Island, New York and are looking forward to serving the New York Tri-State area with all its photography needs including family portraits and personal portraits. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped us grow this business into what it is today, including our family, friends and especially our clients - without you, this journey would have been a very quiet one.